A Lifetime of Leadership

[L] Angelo Valente, age 17, addresses the residents of Hoboken in the commemoration of the United Nations International Year of the Child.

[R] Angelo Valente announces New Jersey's groundbreaking legislation to protect children and families from the opioid epidemic.

When you ask Angelo Valente where he lives, you better be ready to hear about the City of Hoboken and Angelo’s love for it. Hoboken is as much a part of Angelo Valente as Angelo is a part of Hoboken.


His life in public service began when, as a teenager, he represented the youth of Hoboken at the United Nations International Year of the Child celebration. This sparked a love of giving back to the residents of the city and a passion for shining a light on the hidden gem that was Hoboken in the 1970s and 1980s.


At the young age of 23, Angelo became the youngest councilman in Hoboken’s history, and while his tenure was a generation ago, his accomplishments still reverberate throughout our town. Enjoy the Ragamuffin Parade with your family? Thank Angelo Valente, who was the driving force behind bringing this long dormant parade back to life for the community. As councilman, Angelo also spearheaded a preferential parking for residents program, as well as other quality of life programs to help keep Hoboken clean and safe.


While serving on the Hoboken Housing Authority, he led the effort to build parks, so that the city’s children could have a safe place to play.


Angelo served as the first Hoboken Chamber of Commerce President, when as a local business owner, he and a small group of other business owners, saw the need to establish a chamber to foster and promote business within the Mile Square City.

When Hoboken was looking for someone to co-chair the city’s 150th anniversary, local leaders looked no further than Angelo as he has led or been involved in almost every aspect of Hoboken life -- as a trustee of Saint Francis Church, a Hoboken Elk, a member of the Hoboken Museum Board, a Trustee of The Waterfront Project, a business owner, with his wife Jane Cunning Valente, and being known for his ability to unite the community.  


These skills did not stop at the Hoboken border. Over the past quarter century, Angelo has led New Jersey’s efforts to protect children and families from the devastating consequences of substance abuse. His leadership on this issue has given Angelo the opportunity to be an advisor on national and international levels. Throughout the state, Angelo has served as a Board Member of the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority and on New Jersey Governor’s Council on Volunteerism & Community Service.


A proud product of New Jersey Higher Education, Angelo earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Montclair State University, a master’s degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Public Administration, and a master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University.


Angelo believes there is nothing more important than family. He is the proud son of the late Frank and Josephine Valente, and he married his wife, also a lifelong Hobokenite, Jane Cunning Valente in 1995 and they have chosen to raise their three daughters, Hannah, Mia, and Marietta, in the city they love.


Angelo clearly understands both the benefits and challenges of living in Hoboken. He will bring his 30 years of experience in the public and private sector to the city council and will raise his independent voice to benefit the good citizens of our city.