Thank you for your support and confidence. We will continue to fight for the quality of life for all Hoboken residents



"I am extremely concerned because the future of our quality of life is on shaky ground."

"There is a war on residents who use cars and this war has to stop immediately."

"It’s time that condo and small home owners start seeing real tax relief."

"It’s time we refocus our attention, money and efforts on building facilities for our residents of all ages."

"It is time we partner with Stevens Institute of Technology to develop practical solutions to protect our residents in those sections of town that are in dire need of flood prevention initiatives and improvements to our aging infrastructure."

"We must reverse the reputation among visitors as the town with a tow away sign that has replaced the welcome sign."

When you ask Angelo Valente where he lives, you better be ready to hear about the City of Hoboken and Angelo’s love for it. Hoboken is as much a part of Angelo Valente as Angelo is a part of Hoboken.

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Thursday October 12

Council at Large Forum

Mile Square Theater

(1400 Clinton Street)



Dear Neighbors and Friends,


I believe in the greatness of Hoboken and I believe in you! I also believe that our city deserves leaders with passion and vision, whose only special interest will be the residents of our great city. Whether you chose to live in Hoboken, one year ago or over one hundred years ago, the future belongs to all of us. 


I am proud to announce that I will be asking for your support, and vote, to become an independent Councilperson-at-Large representing our entire city.


On November 7th, residents of our community will, through the ballot box, determine the next chapter in Hoboken’s history. This election will have an enormous, lasting impact on the future of our city. 

We are all on this journey together. One hundred and fourteen years ago my great grandparents left Italy in their late teens and chose Hoboken to begin their life journey five generations later, my wife Jane and I still choose Hoboken as the community where we want to live and raise our children. 


Why Hoboken in 1903 and why now in 2017?


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